Oce ColorWave 900

Oce ColorWave 900
The Oce ColorWave 900

The Oce ColorWave 900 is one of the newest equipment additions to Platinum Printing, and is the future of wide format reprographic machines. Using a CMYK ink system, the ColorWave has the ability to print 12 ARCH D-sized color prints per minute. The output quality is amazing for gray-scale and color prints. This machine is perfect for large orders of color red-line or mark-up drawings, aerial maps, and full color rendering plans. We also produce all of our half-size prints on the ColorWave because it provides clean, crisp lines and does not lose resolution with faint or light line-drawn weights.

Oce ColorWave 900 Printing Solutions


Our bread and butter. Printing for the construction and home-building industry has been our specialty since we opened our doors in 2007.

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