Posters are a lower cost alternative to banners and rigid signs. If short term signage is the goal, posters are the way to go. We print posters with the highest resolution capability our shop offers. When viewing a poster up close or from a distance, the quality and clarity will be consistent and sharp. Posters are great to hang in picture frames, or as stand-alone pieces on a wall.

Specs and Options

Full-Bleed up to 62”

24Lb or 46Lb Matte Paper Finish Available

Satin or Glossy Photopaper Finishes Available

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Equipment used for

HP Z6200

The HP Z6200 is used for full-color prints, office/home photos and artwork where quality is of the utmost importance.

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Oce Arizona 365GT

You can't miss this machine when you walk into our shop. Sitting 15 feet wide, the Oce Arizona 365GT can print on several different rigid substrates and over-sized medias.

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